13 Wild Teas To Make While Camping or In a Survival Situation

In this post I’ll be sharing a few common plants and fruits that you can use to create a nutritious wild tea that has a multitude of health benefits. Many have healing medicinal properties as well. Survival Tip – don’t Harvest any plants unless you are 100% positive that you are identifying them correctly.  So please do your research! If you don’t, you can turn a bad situation into a horrible situation. **As always the same rules of water purification apply. ** This Post Was Inspired by The Great AlfieAesthetics YouTube Channel Rosehip Tea Brewing the fleshy part of the rose hips Serves as Read More

43 Survival Tips For When SHTF – A Prepper’s Guide

In This Report, we will be outlining 43 Survival Tips that will help you in virtually any survival situation, especially when SHTF. It’s important to remember that, more than anything, these ideas are about stimulating your imagination so that you can think on your feet. Survival is about staying calm while immediately implementing skills. If you feel you have something to contribute, by all means, tell us in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you or review and publish your content. Enjoy, and remember to ALWAYS Prepare To Live. Zippo Lighter Hack If your Zippo lighter Read More